Take The Stairs 2022

What would your life look like at the end of 2022, if you accomplished ALL that was in your heart? How would you feel? What would be the state of your health: spiritually, relationally, financially, or even physically? We all have BIG resolutions, BIG goals, and BIG dreams! Yet, everything BIG starts with just ONE STEP. Going to the next level in life requires that we take the first step in the right direction. Join us for the month of January for our series “Take the Stairs” as we develop the right mindset & establish the right steps to move from where we are to where God wants us to be this year!

Take the stairs

Pastor Rich Butler // 1.2.22

Fasting For Focus

Pastor Rich Butler // 1.9.22

Soul Wounds

Pastor Rich Butler // 1.16.22

Don't Settle, Press Forward

Pastor Tony Cribb // 1.23.22

Take The Stairs Financially

Pastors Rich Butler & Tony Cribb