summer at hope 2023

Hope Church has some great plans for you and your family this summer, and we think you're going to love it! Join us each week for "Summer at Hope" as we dive deep into the book of Proverbs and experience the life-giving presence of God together in community.


The pursuit of wisdom

rich butler // 06.04.23

skillful living

rich butler // 06.11.23

A wise father

rich butler // 06.18.23

Pride vs humility

rich Dunn // 06.25.23

God Bless America

rich butler // 07.02.23

The Wisdom of Words

jan king // 07.09.23

Cultivating community

rich butler // 07.16.23

The way of righteousness

Daniel thrower // 07.23.23

Wisdom of Generosity

Rich Butler // 07.30.23

Wisdom for parenting

Rich Butler // 08.06.23

The house that wisdom builds

andrew sharp // 08.13.23