Each week we sit under the word of God together; opening
ourselves not primarily to information, but transformation.
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Nov 27

Gratitude Sunday

November 27
Join us this Sunday, November 27, at all Hope Campuses, as we discuss the benefits of gratitude, even in the most difficult seasons of life. “I will offer to You the sacrifice of thanksgiving, And will call upon the name of the LORD.” Psalm 116:17 NKJV

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Oct 09

Sermon on the Mount

October 09 - November 20
The Sermon on the Mount is considered by many to be the “Constitution of the Kingdom of God.” Jesus’ teaching turned the wisdom of the world upside down and showed us a better way of living as citizens of His Kingdom. Join us in October and November as we study, The Sermon on the Mount, and discover how to apply the Kingdom teachings of Jesus to everyday life.

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Sep 11

September Messages (2022)

September 11 - September 25
Join us for the month of September as we hear a message from our pastors.

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Jul 03

Summer at Hope (2022)

July 03
Join us this Summer as we take a deep dive into the Book of Acts.

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Jun 26

Family Ministry Sunday (2022)

June 26
Join us this Sunday as we hear from our Family Ministries teams to see how God is moving in the hearts of our kids and youth here at Hope Church.

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