Each week we sit under the word of God together; opening
ourselves not primarily to information, but transformation.
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Oct 04

Revelation (2020)

October 04
Revelation is one of the most debated books of the Bible. It’s often seen as a secret puzzle book, but when read carefully, it’s actually more like a picture book. The images, language, and overall theme point to our King and His coming Kingdom. This series will examine theology and world events to address the question “Are we living in the end times?”

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Sep 26

Prophetic Presbytery // Fall 2020

September 26 - September 28
At Hope Church, we value the Word of God and believe that God is still speaking to us today. During the Prophetic Presbytery, we will join together to hear what God is saying to us, both individually and corporately. We are welcoming three prophetic voices from around the country, who will operate in the gift of Prophecy. These words are not intended to replace the Scripture, but rather are filtered through it. You will not want to miss this unique opportunity to experience God speaking a personal and encouraging word.

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Sep 06

The Spirit Filled Life (2020)

September 06 - September 27
God wants us to move from the confines of our natural limitations and walk in the Spirit-filled life that is only available in Him. The Holy Spirit is the great developer and teacher, and without an intimate relationship with Him, we cannot mature in our Christian life. Join us in September as we learn to live the Spirit-filled life.

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Aug 30

Succession Sunday (2020)

August 30
Join us for this special day in the history of Hope Church, as Pastor Tony passes the baton of leadership to Pastor Rich.

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Jun 07

Summer At Hope (2020)

June 07 - August 23
Summer is always filled with fun, rest, and community. We have planned an amazing time for you and your family this summer at Hope and we are believing that it will be your best summer yet! Join us each week for “Summer at Hope” as we dive deeper into the presence of God, community, and fun for the whole family. Check Hope News and online for a list of Summer at Hope events!

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