Each week we sit under the word of God together; opening
ourselves not primarily to information, but transformation.
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Apr 11

Finished But Not Final

April 11
The centerpiece of Christianity is the finished work of Christ on the Cross and the empty tomb. The Cross was the payment for our sins and the Resurrection is the power to walk in victory. Because of the Cross and the Resurrection, what you are facing is not Final! Join us in the month of April as we look at the testimonies of those in the Gospels who have encountered the Cross and the Resurrection.

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Apr 03

Easter At Hope (2021)

April 03 - April 04
On the day of the first Easter, we find Two disciples on the road to Emmaus, walking down this path heartbroken and filled with grief with the thought that any chance of redemption died with Jesus on the cross... What is your Emmaus? What promise are you walking away from? Is the weight of disappointment, grief, fear, hopelessness too much to bear? Can your eyes be opened to the reality of encountering the resurrection power of Jesus Christ on your road to Emmaus?

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Mar 07

Gospel of Grace

March 07
Grace is the essence of who God is & the basis for how He acts on our behalf. His grace is the empowering force behind who we become and all we are enabled to do for Him. Grace is everything in Christian life. Join us for the Month of March as we rediscover the main thing.

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Feb 07

Fight For Family (2021)

February 07 - February 28
Family is God’s idea. It was the very first institution established by God. It is the foundation on which the nation and the church are built upon. Our enemy is out to divide, destroy and redefine the family. Therefore the best thing we can do is “Fight for Family.” Join us for the month of February as we dive into the Bible and learn to “Fight for Family.”

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Feb 01

Leadership One Day

February 01
These unique leadership messages are packed full of valuable teachings and insights. Leadership One Day is designed to empower you to enlarge your capacity as a leader in your church or ministry.

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