Each week we sit under the word of God together; opening
ourselves not primarily to information, but transformation.
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Apr 20

Easter at Hope - 2019

April 20 - 21
Easter is the hope that what was once dead can now live again. Join us as Pastor Tony talks about the events that took place in the tomb, and how we can use them to overcome our own situations.

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Apr 14

Making Room for More of God

April 14 - 14
Join Pastor Rich as we prepare for Easter on how to make more room for God in our lives.

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Apr 07

Problems & Miracles

April 07 - 07
Join Pastor Tony as he discusses the word for 2019, Mountain Moving & Miracle Making.

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Mar 03

Foundations - 2019

March 03 - 31
Foundations are beneath the ground and support the weight of a structure. The most important part is the part you can't see. The tallest buildings have the deepest foundations. Without a foundation, there's nothing to build upon. Join us for our March sermon series, “Foundations”, and discover the elements necessary to build a strong life.

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Feb 03

We Are Family - 2019

February 03 - 24
One of the greatest blessings we can receive in this life is family. The connections within a family are sacred. As followers of Jesus, we are members of God’s family. It’s no accident that the Bible is filled with passages that explain our relationship to God as a father. Our earthly families are intended to reflect God’s unconditional love. Join us for the month of February for our sermon series “We Are Family” where we will explore the joys and responsibilities of doing life together as a family.

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